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7/19/06 11:59 pm - shonen_neko - gone again ---

[7/23/06/    -update- ]
   Yea i figured that you would all be annoyed if i posted twice

   Hey Yomi is back now!

  Just giving a heads up, had fun as well.
 ja ne!
  alright I'm going to be gone... again...

 okay you're probibly sick of seeing me say hi and bye and what not...

   but since it is in the rules to let peeps know whats going on, i am doing so 

  will be back sunday or monday... ja ne

7/10/06 07:39 am - nitemare_sheep - Drop..

Well, I'm back a bit later than expected.. but now it seems since I spend far too much time on the computer, and more specifically on AIM, I prohibited from getting on AIM at all until my parents are convinced that I'm 'not as obsessed' and that I've 'stopped wasting away in front of the computer screen talking to people they I don't know'. -_-;;

In other words, dropping out. Since AIM is no longer an option and LJ-only rps irk me.. gomen nasai, minna-san.
Ja ne

7/9/06 11:22 pm - shonen_neko - back..??


    back from whatever punishment grounding was supposed to be...

        see ya 'round,


7/4/06 05:32 pm - shonen_neko - Grounded... Hiatus i guess

 I've been grounded for a week from the computer... sooo i wont be around here for a while

   letting you know...

     ja ne


6/29/06 10:12 pm - shadow_of_wings - H i a t u s *MOD*

I'm going from PA to CA July 1st until July 3rd or 4th. It's for the Hyde concert in Anaheim at House of Blues...♥ *-* -dies.- So I'll be back!! *^~^* Love you all~

6/28/06 08:09 pm - sokubakuxelegy

Name: Lyssa
Muse: Ruiza
Band: D
Journal: sokubakuxelegy
Muse AIM: sokubakuxelegy
Your AIM: kikachan248 (AIM) mayutsuki_no_hitsugi@yahoo.com (Yahoo) bouncy_bassist_emiru@hotmail.com (MSN)
Age: 19
Organization: Rebles
Sample post: little reblesCollapse )

Comments: If I need to change anything, please let me know. This is the product of someone half-asleep ^^;;;;

6/27/06 10:43 pm - rain_fighter - open to anyone

Ah crap! :: Aoi leapt out of bed getting dressed and ready in a hurry, he was out to a late start. :: This is not good... :: Aoi turned on his computer, logging on. He was supposed to be getting his first mission that morning.  He waited for the computer to load..... 
He had his message:

To: Rain_fighter
from: *******

Meet me at outside at 10:08 a.m. awaiting your arrival new recruit.


:: Aoi closed the document and raced out of the room, he heard these types could be a real pain if he was even one minute late and being a really young and new recruit, he wasn't exactly intimidating. He looked around outside for the possible sender. The sender had left no image or identifacation which meant... or so Aoi hoped that the sender knew how to find him. ::

6/26/06 05:04 pm - shadow_of_wings - F L Y / `*` / For Kyo

Stars flew by pasted the reflecting windows. White glowing through the sea of black, the ship dove on into Space. It was his first time seeing the stars so close. Coffee brown eyes were glued to the window as time passed endlessly. He was disguised, deciding to go up for himself to experience the entirity of Space and it's wonders. And Hyde thought the stars felt so close on Earth, now, well now, he was that much closer to them. They were flying, truly flying past the stars. It just seemed.. so strange, all he imagined couldn't amount to this, this feeling. He smiled.
[Kacy we have wallpaper failure - they ran out of bandwith I hope you saved it; I didn't XD for now I put up this one...]

6/24/06 07:24 pm - shonen_neko - application

Name: Karou [Yes that is how it is spelled. T.T] or to be simple - Rei
Muse: Yomi
Band: Nightmare
Muse aim: Kuroitazuki
Aim: Kuroitazuki
Age: 82 - vampiric
25 - appearance
Organization: Kyuuketsuki 

Sample post:

6/24/06 01:04 am - consumedsoul - Claim : Hizumi

Name: Caitlin
Band: D'espairsRay
Journal: consumedsoul
Muse AIM: ZER0forbidden
Your AIM: ZER0forbidden or Suki Sakura Rini
Age: 221
Organization: Vampire
Sample post: Hello.Collapse )
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